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<I>Eurymela erythrocnemis </I>Burmeister, adult.

Eurymela erythrocnemis Burmeister, adult.


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Species Eurymela erythrocnemis Burmeister, 1838

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4 August 2011 - Murray J. Fletcher



This species is not well known and is probably misidentified in collections as E. fenestrata. They can be differentiated by examination of the male genitalia but this group needs some critical study, preferably using molecular data, to determine the limits of species variation.

The date of publication of all of Burmeister's species is hard to determine. The figure plates, generally acknowledged to have been published in 1838, bear no publication date nor page numbers nor species name, with each plate labelled with the generic name, in this case "Genus EURYMELA". The text in which the species names were introduced is in a volume dated "1838–1846" which may indicate that one volume was published in 1838 and the other in 1846 and using both dates in this manner linked the two volumes as two parts of the same work. It cannot be expected that the text volume appeared in 1838 because Burmeister wouldn't have known the final date when the work would be completed. A more likely explanation is that the text for each species, and possibly also the plates, appeared in some kind of ephemeral publication in parts between 1838 and 1846 and was finally published as a single volume in 1846. The date of publication cannot be taken as 1846 since Amyot & Serville (1843: 556) use the name Eurymela erythrocnemis Burmeister (and refer it to Pl.14) which indicates that this name appeared before 1843.




New South Wales, Victoria

Extra Distribution Information

Australian Endemic.

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


NSW, Vic: Nandewar (NAN), New England Tablelands (NET), NSW North Coast (NNC), Sydney Basin (SB), South Eastern Highlands (SEH)

Ecological Descriptors

All stages: gregarious, myrmecophilous, phloem feeder.



Fusco-nigra, pectore femorum basi tibiisque posticis sanguineo-flavis; elytris gutta antica fasciaque postica albis. Long. 2 2/3'". Caput omnino nigrum, genarum limbo pronotique margine postico pallido; elytrorum totus margo sanguineo-flavus: gutta antica transversa, utrinque attenuata, suturam non attingente, gutta postica in fasciam angustam arcuatam extensa; tibiarum posticarum apex cum tarso niger, hujus articulus primus albus (Burmeister 1838–1846).

Head black, maxillary plates broadly or narrowly white. Pronotum black, hind margin sometimes white. Scutellum black, apex sometimes fulvous. Tegmen black; costal and claval margins broadly fulvous; two broad or narrow white fasciae, of which either may be the larger; posterior fascia usually arcuate. Abdomen largely black (Evans 1966)


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