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The family contains five genera and more than 40 species worldwide. Currently, two genera and 12 species are known from Australia (Last & Stevens 2009). Australian species are treated in White (2008) and Last & Stevens (2009). Other species are treated in Compagno et al. (2005). The family has often been included as a subfamily of the Dalatiidae (Hoese & Gates 2006) or the Squalidae (Compagno 1984). Relationships within the group are discussed by Shirai & Nakaya (1990). A molecular phylogeny of the family was presented by Straube et al. (2010).

Members of the family are distinctive in having light organs. Species are found in all oceans usually beyond the continental shelf. They are free swimming. Some pelagic species live in the midwaters whereas others live near the bottom (benthopelagic); they are found in depths of 50-4500 m. Species are generally small, ranging in size from 20 cm to 1 m.


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