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<em>Ilyoplax-dentata</em> [from Ward 1973: pl. 2 fig. 5]

Ilyoplax-dentata [from Ward 1973: pl. 2 fig. 5]


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Family DOTILLIDAE Stimpson, 1858

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May 2012 - Peter Davie, Queensland Museum, Brisbane


Carapace subglobose or quadrilateral; anterolateral margins with tooth or indentation behind exorbital angle. Front variable, from narrow to moderately broad. Interantennular septum broad; antennules folding lengthwise, subparallel or oblique. Eyestalks usually elongate. Buccal cavern sometimes greatly enlarged; third maxillipeds broad, completely closing buccal cavern. Chelipeds symmetrical or slightly asymmetrical in both sexes. Brush of long setae edging pouch leading into branchial cavity between bases of second and third pereiopods may be present, or completely lacking; abdomen with transverse brush of setae in some genera. Meri of some or all pereiopods often bearing a tympanum. Thoracic sternum broad posteriorly. Male genital openings sternal.


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