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Family CHTHONIIDAE Daday, 1888

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Mark S. Harvey, Western Australian Museum, Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Members of this family are small to medium-sized pseudoscorpions, usually confined to leaf litter and soil. They are abundant in most areas of the world, and 31 genera and over 520 species are currently recognised (Harvey 1991). The family is currently divided into two subfamilies, Chthoniinae and Pseudotyrannochthoniinae, both of which are represented in the Australian fauna. Harvey (1992) was unable to confirm the monophyly of the Chthoniidae and further work is needed on this large, diverse family.

Harvey & Moulds (2006) revised Australian Austrochthonius.



The Chthoniidae differ from the two other chthonioid families, Tridenchthoniidae and Lechytiidae, by the presence of transverse spiracles, a weakly sclerotised female lateral apodeme frame, and a carapace which bears less than 35 setae.


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