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Family CHONDROPSIDAE Carter, 1886

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2010 - J.N.A. Hooper, Queensland Museum, Brisbane


This small, possibly dustbin, family contains species with only thin smooth strongyles or occasionally thin smooth styles forming irregular plumose tracts, lacks acanthostyles common in many other myxillinids, and arcuate or unguiferate chelae and/or sigmas. It has been proposed that some genera presently included could be reduced members of the family Hymedesmiidae (Van Soest 2002), but for the present sixteen nominal genera, of which only five are considered valid, are assigned here: Batzella, Chondropsis, Phoriospongia, Psammoclema, Strongylacidon.



Encrusting, massive, flabellate or digitate growth forms. Ectosomal skeleton frequently absent, replaced by arenaceous or spicular detritus, but often with areolate porefields on surface. Ectosomal smooth strongyles or occasionally styles, often rare or secondarily lost. Choanosomal spicules, if present, are auxiliary megascleres of ectosomal origin, strongyles or occasionally styles, whereas principal spicules appear to be absent. Microscleres are arcuate isochelae and sigmas, but these may be often absent.


ID Keys

(1) Megascleres present --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2
No proper megascleres, the skeleton is made up of foreign material ---------------------------------- Psammoclema

(2) Megascleres styles ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phoriospongia
Megascleres strongyles --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3

(3) Chelae and/or other microscleres present ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
No microscleres ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5

(4) Sand grains and foreign debris dominating the fibres -------------------------------------------------- Chondropsis
No sand or foreign debris ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strongylacidon

(5) Sand grains and foreign debris dominating the fibres -------------------------------------------------- Chondropsis
No sand or foreign debris -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Batzella


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