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<em>Uroptyptus australis</em> [Henderson 1888: pl. 21 fig. 4]

Uroptyptus australis [Henderson 1888: pl. 21 fig. 4]


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Family CHIROSTYLIDAE Ortmann, 1892

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June, 2010 - Peter Davie, Queensland Museum


The squat lobsters of the family Chirostylidae are mostly deep water inhabitants living on the continental slope and into abyssal depths. Their biology is still relatively poorly known, but they are often associated with deep water cnidarians such as antipatharians, alcyonaceans and gorgonaceans. Worldwide the superfamily Chirostylidoidea comprises three families eight genera and at least 192 species with Uroptychus (124 species) being the most speciose genus (Baba et al., 2008).

The Australian chirostylid fauna has historically had little attention: Henderson (1885, 1888), Baba (1986, 2000), de Saint Laurent & Macpherson (1990a, b), and de Saint Laurent & Poupin (1996), and Davie (2002) listed only eight species in four genera from Australia. Since then, however, the fauna has been considerably expanded by the work of Ahyong & Poore (2004) on southern and southeastern Australian collections, and by Ahyong & Baba (2004) on the northwestern Australian fauna. Thus four genera and 37 species are now recognised for Australian waters, with the number likely to increase when the deepwater faunas off north Queensland and the Coral Sea are studied.

Members of the Chirostylidae closely resemble Galatheidae in appearance. The two families, together with the Porcellanidae and the Aeglidae, were grouped under the superfamily Galatheoidea, though there is now strong evidence that the Aeglidae must be removed (Morrison et al. 2002; Porter et al. 2005; McLaughlin et al. 2007; Ahyong et al. 2009). Another recently described family, the Kiwaidae, is now grouped in the CHirostyloidea (Schnabel & Ahyong 2010), though McLauglin et al. (2007) had previously suggested it needed separate superfamily rank. The most recent reappraisal of the group by Schnabel & Ahyong (2010) formally recognises a superfamily Chirostyloidea, and resurrected the Eumunidae for two genera, Eumunida Smith, 1883, and Pseudomunida Haig, 1979.



Carapace surface smooth, tuberculate or spinose but without transverse striae, posterolateral margin not distinctly defined or greatly inflated; rostrum variously shaped; supraocular spines absent. Anterolateral margin of abdominal somite 2 without prominent, anterolaterally directed spine. Sternite 3 not strongly produced anteriorly. Eyes well developed. Basal antennular article with distolateral spines. Antennal peduncle consisting of 5 articles; acicle present or absent. Mandibular cutting edge calcified, strongly serrated along its length. Maxilliped 1 without epipod; exopod flagellum present or absent, not annulated. Maxilliped 3 to pereopod 4 each with 2 arthrobranchs (well-developed or vestigial on maxilliped 3). Pereopod 5 with 1 arthrobranch only. Pereopods 2–4 with pleurobranch. Male pleopods 1 and 2 present. Male pleopods 3–5 vestigial or absent. (Schnabel & Ahyong 2010).


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