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Family CHELIFERIDAE Westwood, 1838

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Mark S. Harvey, Western Australian Museum, Perth, Western Australia, Australia


The Cheliferidae are a large, cosmopolitan family that includes many corticolous species, as well as others found under rocks or in leaf litter. Three tribes are recognised: Cheliferini, Dactylocheliferini and Philomaoriini (Harvey 1991, 1992), but only the Dactylocheliferini and Philomaoriini have been recorded from Australia. Approximately 60 genera and 280 species currently are recognised (Harvey 1991), most recorded from the tropics and the Northern Hemisphere. The Australian fauna is small.



Cheliferids can be distinguished from the remaining cheliferoids as follows: from the Chernetidae and Atemnidae by the presence of a venom apparatus in both chelal fingers, and from the Withiidae by the oblique junction between the femora and patellae of the anterior legs.


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