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Superfamily CHELIFEROIDEA Westwood, 1838

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Mark S. Harvey, Western Australian Museum, Perth, Western Australia, Australia


The Cheliferoidea is one of the most dominant of the pseudoscorpion groups, comprising nearly 1300 species in 226 genera and four families (Harvey 1991). It is one of the two superfamilies of the micro-order Elassommatina—the other being the Sternophoroidea (Harvey 1992). All four cheliferoid families are represented in the Australian fauna; the Chernetidae are the most diverse, with some 17 genera recognised.



Members of the Cheliferoidea are distinguished from other pseudoscorpions by the presence of spermathecae in females, by having a complex spermatophore and, behaviourally, by having a mating dance.


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