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Species Argas persicus (Oken, 1818)


The situation regarding Argas persicus in Australia has been confused. Many authors have made tentative identifications of this species, and many identifications of other species seem to refer to A. persicus, for example A. americanus and A. reflexus. It seems likely that the so-called A. persicus in Australia is a combination of several closely related species. A. victoriensis Sweet may be one of these separate species, and some records of A. persicus may also refer to A. robertsi. The taxonomic difficulty surrounding these species has been pointed out by Fuller (1899) as well as many modern authors. Roberts (1970) suggested that A. persicus sensu stricto does not occur in Australia. More recently Petney et al. (2004) used molecular evidence to show that A. persicus sensu stricto does occur on poultry in southern Australia. The complexity of this situation is reflected in the extensive synonymy listed by Camicas et al. (1998). Barker & Walker (2014) reviewed the biology and morphology of this species in detail.


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