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Superfamily IXODOIDEA Dugès, 1834


In recent years there have been several attempts to compile synonymic lists of the world's species of ticks. There are differences between these lists in the validity of various taxa, both at the species and genus level. The classification used here is based on Horak et al. (2002) with some corrections by Guglielmone et al. (2009), which reviews and attempts to reconcile the other catalogues. Camicas et al. (1998) used a more structured classification involving subgenera and species groups, which has not been adopted here, although their combinations are noted for each species. Guglielmone et al. (2010) presented a list of all valid species names of ticks, but acknowledged that more detailed research in morphological and molecular taxonomy is likely to result in further revisions to the generic classification in both Argasidae and Ixodidae.


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