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Species Agathia pisina Butler, 1887


General References

McQuillan, P.B. & Edwards, E.D. 1996. Geometridae. pp. 200-228 in Nielsen, E.S., Edwards, E.D. & Rangsi, T.V. (eds). Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Australia. Monographs on Australian Lepidoptera. Collingwood : CSIRO Publishing Vol. 4 xiv 529 pp. & CD-ROM. [217] (Note #331: Agathia asterias Meyrick, 1988 has been widely used for a species or a complex of species in Australia and New Guinea. A. pisina Butler, 1887 has been regarded as a subspecies of A. asterias Meyrick by Prout (1932), Robinson (1975) and Holloway (1979). However, A. pisina Butler is the older name. Prout was undecided as to whether A. pisina Butler and A. asterias Meyrick were conspecific and this problem has not been resolved. Holloway (1984b) regarded A. pisina Butler as distinct from A. asterias Meyrick but what he considered A. asterias cannot be determined. A. asterias Meyrick was based on an unknown number of syntypes; some in the British Museum (Natural History) from Darwin, N.T. and in Macleay Museum from Cape York and Cooktown. Of these four specimens have been located, all females. The two females from Darwin represent a species that, as far as can be determined without a thorough revision, is otherwise undescribed. The two syntypes from the Macleay Museum (now in ANIC) represent two additional species. One of these is the species regarded by some subsequent authors as A. asterias Meyrick, 1889. The application of the name A. asterias will depend on which specimen is chosen as lectotype)

Scoble, M.J. 1999. Geometrid Moths of the World; a Catalogue. Collingwood, Victoria, Australia : CSIRO Publishing. [24]


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