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Subfamily Acronictinae

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18 September 2006 - Andreas Zwick, CSIRO Entomology, Canberra ACT 2601


The subfamily is here treated as including species in Amphipyrinae. The group is often referred to as Acronictinae/Amphipyrinae since adults of the two subfamiles are difficult to separate (see Nielsen et al. (1996: 293) for discussion).

Nielsen et al. (1996) listed a number of species, often grouped to indicate a relationship, but for which no genus name was available. Here these names are all grouped under the category 'Unplaced species'. Users are urged to refer to the published checklist for groupings among these.

Amphipyrinae were recovered as sister to Acronictinae by Rota et al. (2016) but with weak support. On the other hand, Eda & Yanagita (2011) treated some genera as Acronictinae which proved to belong to Amphipyrinae (see Rota et al. 2016). The Australian Acronictinae species need a thorough revision since Nielsen et al. (1996) treated these two subfamilies as a common taxonomic unit (Kiss, 2017).


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