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Softnose Skates

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16 October 2011 - Douglass F. Hoese & Matthew M. Lockett


The Softnose Skates have been recently separated as a distinct family from the Rajidae. McEachran & Dunn (1998) recognised the group as a subfamily of the Rajidae. Subsequently, Ebert & Compagno (2007) recognised the group as a distinct family, which has been followed by Last et al. (2008) and Last & Stevens (2009). Other workers have retained the group as a subfamily (see Orr et al. 2011). The genera were all included in the Rajidae by Hoese et al. (2006) and Nelson (2006). Currently, the family occurs worldwide and contains about 13 genera and 110 species (Last & Stevens 2009), with five genera and 16 species known from Australia. Species are normally found near or on the bottom over the continental shelf in depths of 50 to over 2000 m. Two species of Brochiraja have been recently described by Last & McEachran (2006) from the southern part of the Norfolk Ridge, with one only just south of the Norfolk Island Province (Last & Séret 2012), with both likely to be found within the Province.

Maximum size is around 120 cm.


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