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Blackburn, T. 1890. Notes on Australian Coleoptera, with descriptions of new species. Part VI. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 2 5: 147-156 [Date published Dec. 31, 1890]

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA Pterohelaeus geminatus Blackburn, 1890 synonym Pterohelaeus geminatus Blackburn, 1890 Primary 153
ARTHROPODA BUPRESTIDAE Diphucrania westwoodii (Gory & Laporte, 1839) Valid Name Diphucrania westwoodii (Gory & Laporte, 1839) Introduction 153
ARTHROPODA BUPRESTIDAE Neocuris viridiaurea Macleay, 1888 Valid Name Neocuris viridiaurea Macleay, 1888 Introduction 152
ARTHROPODA BUPRESTIDAE Neocuris viridimicans Fairmaire, 1877 Valid Name Neocuris viridimicans Fairmaire, 1877 Introduction 153
ARTHROPODA BUPRESTIDAE Neospades chrysopygia (Germar, 1848) Valid Name Neospades chrysopygia (Germar, 1848) Introduction 153
ARTHROPODA CHRYSOMELIDAE Calomela eyrei Blackburn, 1890 synonym Calomela eyrei Blackburn, 1890 Primary 155
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Aneurystypus richardsae Blackburn, 1890 synonym Teinogenys richardsae (Blackburn, 1890) Primary 149
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Calloodes frenchi Blackburn, 1890 synonym Anoplognathus aureus Waterhouse, 1889 Primary 148
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Dynastinae Valid Name Dynastinae Introduction
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Glycyphana subdepressa Blackburn, 1890 synonym Glycyphana (Caloglycyphana) pulchra (Macleay, 1871) Primary 151
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Rutelinae Valid Name Rutelinae Introduction
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Scarabaeinae Valid Name Scarabaeinae Introduction

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