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Tattersall, W.M. 1940. Report on a small collection of Mysidacea from the coastal waters of New South Wales. Records of the Australian Museum 20: 327-340

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA MYSIDA Boas, 1883 Valid Name MYSIDA Boas, 1883 Introduction
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Afromysis australiensis Tattersall, 1940 synonym Doxomysis australiensis (Tattersall, 1940) Primary 336, figs 5, 6
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Anchialina penicillata Zimmer, 1915 Valid Name Anchialina penicillata Zimmer, 1915 Introduction
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Gastrosaccus dakini Tattersall, 1940 synonym Haplostylus dakini (Tattersall, 1940) Primary 331, figs 3, 4
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Haplostylus indicus (Hansen, 1910) Valid Name Haplostylus indicus (Hansen, 1910) Introduction
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Rhopalophthalmus dakini Tattersall, 1957 Valid Name Rhopalophthalmus dakini Tattersall, 1957 Introduction
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Rhopalophthalmus egregius Hansen, 1910 Species Excluded Misidentifications Rhopalophthalmus Illig, 1906
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Siriella australis Tattersall, 1927 Valid Name Siriella australis Tattersall, 1927 Introduction
ARTHROPODA MYSIDAE Siriella longidactyla Tattersall, 1940 synonym Siriella longidactyla Tattersall, 1940 Primary 328, fig. 1

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