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Collins, S.P. & Baron, M.P. 1981. Demersal and pelagic trawling survey of the M.T. Denebola in southern Australian waters, 1979–80 summer. Tasmanian Fisheries Research 24: 2-48 figs 1-22

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA MYCTOPHIDAE Diaphus ostenfeldi Tåning, 1932 Valid Name Diaphus ostenfeldi Tåning, 1932 Introduction
CHORDATA MYCTOPHIDAE Diaphus watasei Jordan & Starks, 1904 Valid Name Diaphus watasei Jordan & Starks, 1904 Introduction
CHORDATA MYCTOPHIDAE Electrona paucirastra Bolin, 1962 Valid Name Electrona paucirastra Bolin, 1962 Introduction
CHORDATA MYCTOPHIDAE Gymnoscopelus piabilis (Whitley, 1931) Valid Name Gymnoscopelus piabilis (Whitley, 1931) Introduction
CHORDATA MYCTOPHIDAE Lampanyctodes hectoris (Günther, 1876) Valid Name Lampanyctodes hectoris (Günther, 1876) Introduction
CHORDATA MYCTOPHIDAE Lampichthys procerus (Brauer, 1904) Valid Name Lampichthys procerus (Brauer, 1904) Introduction
CHORDATA MYCTOPHIDAE Symbolophorus boops (Richardson, 1845) Valid Name Symbolophorus boops (Richardson, 1845) Introduction
CHORDATA OREOSOMATIDAE Pseudocyttus maculatus Gilchrist, 1906 Valid Name Pseudocyttus maculatus Gilchrist, 1906 Introduction
CHORDATA STOMIIDAE Astronesthes boulengeri Gilchrist, 1902 Valid Name Astronesthes boulengeri Gilchrist, 1902 Introduction
CHORDATA STOMIIDAE Astronesthes psychrolutes (Gibbs & Weitzman, 1965) Valid Name Astronesthes psychrolutes (Gibbs & Weitzman, 1965) Introduction
CHORDATA STOMIIDAE Bathophilus ater (Brauer, 1902) Valid Name Bathophilus ater (Brauer, 1902) Introduction
CHORDATA STOMIIDAE Eustomias trewavasae Norman, 1930 Valid Name Eustomias trewavasae Norman, 1930 Introduction
CHORDATA STOMIIDAE Idiacanthus atlanticus Brauer, 1906 Valid Name Idiacanthus atlanticus Brauer, 1906 Introduction

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