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Hedley, C. 1918. A checklist of the marine fauna of New South Wales. Part 1. Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales 51: M1–M120

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
MOLLUSCA MYTILIDAE Musculus (Modiolarca) cumingianus (Reeve, 1857) Valid Name Musculus (Modiolarca) cumingianus (Reeve, 1857) Introduction M11
MOLLUSCA MYTILIDAE Musculus (Musculus) varicosus (Gould, 1861) Valid Name Musculus (Musculus) varicosus (Gould, 1861) Introduction M12
MOLLUSCA MYTILIDAE Musculus barbatus (Reeve, 1858) Generic Combination Gregariella barbata (Reeve, 1858) M11
MOLLUSCA MYTILIDAE Septifer bilocularis (Linnaeus, 1758) Valid Name Septifer bilocularis (Linnaeus, 1758) Introduction M12
MOLLUSCA MYTILIDAE Solamen recens (Tate, 1897) Valid Name Solamen recens (Tate, 1897) Introduction M11
MOLLUSCA MYTILIDAE Trichomya hirsuta (Lamarck, 1819) Valid Name Trichomya hirsuta (Lamarck, 1819) Introduction M11
MOLLUSCA MYTILIDAE Xenostrobus securis (Lamarck, 1819) Valid Name Xenostrobus securis (Lamarck, 1819) Introduction M11
MOLLUSCA NUCINELLIDAE Nucinella dalli (Hedley, 1902) Valid Name Nucinella dalli (Hedley, 1902) Introduction M5
MOLLUSCA NUCULIDAE Ennucula obliqua (Lamarck, 1819) Valid Name Ennucula obliqua (Lamarck, 1819) Introduction M3
MOLLUSCA NUCULIDAE Nucula (Nucula) pusilla Angas, 1877 Valid Name Nucula (Nucula) pusilla Angas, 1877 Introduction M3, M4
MOLLUSCA NUCULIDAE Pronucula decorosa Hedley, 1902 Valid Name Pronucula decorosa Hedley, 1902 Introduction M3
MOLLUSCA ORBITESTELLIDAE Orbitestella bastowi (Gatliff, 1906) Valid Name Orbitestella bastowi (Gatliff, 1906) Introduction M48, sp. 470
MOLLUSCA ORBITESTELLIDAE Orbitestella bastowi (Gatliff, 1906) Generic Combination Orbitestella bastowi (Gatliff, 1906) M48, sp. 470
MOLLUSCA SAREPTIDAE Sarepta obolella Tate, 1886 Miscellaneous Literature Name Sarepta tellinaeformis Hedley, 1901 M4
MOLLUSCA TRIGONIIDAE Neotrigonia margaritacea (Lamarck, 1804) Valid Name Neotrigonia margaritacea (Lamarck, 1804) Introduction M8
MOLLUSCA TRIGONIIDAE Neotrigonia strangei (A. Adams, 1854) Valid Name Neotrigonia strangei (A. Adams, 1854) Introduction M8
MOLLUSCA VENERIDAE Antigona marica (Linnaeus, 1758) Generic Combination Timoclea marica (Linnaeus, 1758) 23
MOLLUSCA VENERIDAE Gomphina fulgida Hedley, 1918 synonym Gomphina undulosa (Lamarck, 1818) Primary M24
MOLLUSCA ANABATHRIDAE Anabathron contabulatum lene Hedley, 1918 synonym Anabathron (Anabathron) lene (Hedley, 1918) Primary 53
MOLLUSCA CALLIOTROPIDAE Calliotropis glypta (Watson, 1886) Valid Name Calliotropis glypta (Watson, 1886) Introduction M45
MOLLUSCA CORBULIDAE Corbula smithiana Brazier, 1879 Valid Name Corbula smithiana Brazier, 1879 Introduction M31
MOLLUSCA CUCULLAEIDAE Cucullaea labiata (Lightfoot, 1786) Valid Name Cucullaea labiata (Lightfoot, 1786) Introduction M5
MOLLUSCA MACTRIDAE Anatina meridionalis (Tate, 1889) [new combination] Generic Combination Raeta (Raeta) meridionalis Tate, 1889 M29
MOLLUSCA MALLEIDAE Malleus albus Lamarck, 1819 Valid Name Malleus albus Lamarck, 1819 Introduction M7
MOLLUSCA OSTREIDAE Ostrea stentina Payraudeau, 1826 Valid Name Ostrea stentina Payraudeau, 1826 Introduction M8
MOLLUSCA PHILOBRYIDAE Cosa parallelogramma (Hedley, 1906) Valid Name Cosa parallelogramma (Hedley, 1906) Introduction M6
MOLLUSCA PHILOBRYIDAE Cosa pectinata (Hedley, 1902) Valid Name Cosa pectinata (Hedley, 1902) Introduction M6
MOLLUSCA PHILOBRYIDAE Cosa tatei (Hedley, 1901) Valid Name Cosa tatei (Hedley, 1901) Introduction M6
MOLLUSCA PHILOBRYIDAE Cratis progressa Hedley, 1915 Valid Name Cratis progressa Hedley, 1915 Introduction M6
MOLLUSCA PHILOBRYIDAE Lissarca picta (Hedley, 1899) Valid Name Lissarca picta (Hedley, 1899) Introduction M5
MOLLUSCA PHILOBRYIDAE Philobrya crenatulifera (Tate, 1892) Valid Name Philobrya crenatulifera (Tate, 1892) Introduction M6
MOLLUSCA PHILOBRYIDAE Philobrya inornata Hedley, 1904 Valid Name Philobrya inornata Hedley, 1904 Introduction M6
MOLLUSCA PHILOBRYIDAE Philobrya rubra (Hedley, 1904) Valid Name Philobrya rubra (Hedley, 1904) Introduction M6
MOLLUSCA PYRAMIDELLIDAE Chrysallida henni (Brazier, 1894) Valid Name Chrysallida henni (Brazier, 1894) Introduction M98
MOLLUSCA PYRAMIDELLIDAE Cingulina circinata A. Adams, 1860 [misidentification] Miscellaneous Literature Name Cingulina brazieri Angas, 1877 M97
MOLLUSCA PYRAMIDELLIDAE Hinemoa tasmanica (Tenison-Woods, 1877) Valid Name Hinemoa tasmanica (Tenison-Woods, 1877) Introduction M98, sp. 1027
MOLLUSCA PYRAMIDELLIDAE Odostomia henni (Brazier, 1894) Generic Combination Chrysallida henni (Brazier, 1894) 98
MOLLUSCA RAPHITOMIDAE Daphnella botanica Hedley, 1918 synonym Daphnella (Daphnella) botanica Hedley, 1918 Primary M.83
MOLLUSCA RAPHITOMIDAE Exomilus Hedley, 1919 synonym Exomilus Hedley, 1918 Primary
MOLLUSCA RAPHITOMIDAE Nepotilla bathentoma (Verco, 1909) Generic Combination Nepotilla bathentoma (Verco, 1909) M 83
MOLLUSCA VOLUTIDAE Cymbiola marmorata (Swainson, 1821) Generic Combination Amoria hunteri (Iredale, 1931) 73
MOLLUSCA CHILODONTIDAE Granata imbricata (Lamarck, 1816) Valid Name Granata imbricata (Lamarck, 1816) Introduction M41
MOLLUSCA CHILODONTIDAE Herpetopoma aspersus (Philippi, 1846) Valid Name Herpetopoma aspersus (Philippi, 1846) Introduction M45
MOLLUSCA CHILODONTIDAE Herpetopoma scabriuscula (Angas, 1867) Valid Name Herpetopoma scabriuscula (Angas, 1867) Introduction M45
MOLLUSCA CHILODONTIDAE Vaceuchelus ampullus (Tate, 1893) Valid Name Vaceuchelus ampullus (Tate, 1893) Introduction M45
MOLLUSCA COSTELLARIIDAE Vexillum (Costellaria) pacificum (Reeve, 1845) Valid Name Vexillum (Costellaria) pacificum (Reeve, 1845) Introduction M85
MOLLUSCA GLYCYMERIDIDAE Tucetona gealei (Angas, 1873) Valid Name Tucetona gealei (Angas, 1873) Introduction M6
MOLLUSCA HIPPONICIDAE Malluvium devotus (Hedley, 1904) Valid Name Malluvium devotus (Hedley, 1904) Introduction M57
MOLLUSCA NUCULANIDAE Ledella miliacea (Hedley, 1902) Valid Name Ledella miliacea (Hedley, 1902) Introduction M4
MOLLUSCA NUCULANIDAE Ledella pala (Hedley, 1907) Valid Name Ledella pala (Hedley, 1907) Introduction M4

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