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Springthorpe, R.T. & Lowry, J.K. 1993. Catalogue of Crustacean type specimens in the Australian Museum: Malacostraca. Technical Reports of the Australian Museum 11: 1-134

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA MALACOSTRACA Latreille, 1802 Valid Name MALACOSTRACA Latreille, 1802 Introduction
ARTHROPODA ALPHEIDAE Alpheus papillosus Banner & Banner, 1982 synonym Alpheus papillosus Banner & Banner, 1982 Type Data
ARTHROPODA GECARCINUCIDAE Austrothelphusa agassizi (Rathbun, 1905) Valid Name Austrothelphusa agassizi (Rathbun, 1905) Introduction 103-104
ARTHROPODA PARASTACIDAE Astacopsis serratus var. hirsutus McCulloch, 1917 synonym Euastacus hirsutus (McCulloch, 1917) Type Data
ARTHROPODA PENAEIDAE Penaeus novaeguineae Haswell, 1879 synonym Metapenaeopsis novaeguineae (Haswell, 1879) Type Data
ARTHROPODA MAJIDAE Chlorinoides waitei Whitelegge, 1900 synonym Leptomithrax waitei (Whitelegge, 1900) Type Data
ARTHROPODA MAJIDAE Leptomithrax globifer Rathbun, 1918 synonym Leptomithrax globifer Rathbun, 1918 Type Data
ARTHROPODA MAJIDAE Paramithrax tuberculatus Whitelegge, 1900 synonym Leptomithrax tuberculatus (Whitelegge, 1900) Type Data

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