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Imajima, M. 1972. Review of the annelid worms of the family Nereidae of Japan, with description of five new species or subspecies. Bulletin of the National Science Museum, Tokyo 15: 37-153

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Ceratonereis japonica Imajima, 1972 synonym Ceratonereis japonica Imajima, 1972 Primary 69–71, figs 15a–p, 17.
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Leonnates nipponicus Imajima, 1972 synonym Leonnates nipponicus Imajima, 1972 Primary 41–43, fig. 2a–l, fig. 7
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Nectoneanthes Imajima, 1972 synonym Nectoneanthes Imajima, 1972 Primary
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Nectoneanthes oxypoda (Marenzeller, 1879) Generic Combination Nectoneanthes oxypoda (Marenzeller, 1879)
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Nicon moniloceras (Hartman, 1940) Valid Name Nicon moniloceras (Hartman, 1940) Custom: Citations
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Perinereis vancaurica tetradentata Imajima, 1972 synonym Perinereis vancaurica (Ehlers, 1868) Primary 86-88
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Platynereis australis (Schmarda, 1861) Valid Name Platynereis australis (Schmarda, 1861) Custom: Citations
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Platynereis bicanaliculata (Baird, 1863) Valid Name Platynereis bicanaliculata (Baird, 1863) Custom: Citations

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