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Wilson, B.R. & Hodgkin, E.P. 1967. A comparative account of the reproductive cycles of five species of marine mussels (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) in the vicinity of Fremantle, Western Australia. Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 18(2): 175-204

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
MOLLUSCA MYTILIDAE Arcuatula glaberrima (Dunker, 1857) Valid Name Arcuatula glaberrima (Dunker, 1857) Introduction 177
MOLLUSCA MYTILIDAE Mytilus planulatus Lamarck, 1819 Valid Name Mytilus planulatus Lamarck, 1819 Introduction 176
MOLLUSCA MYTILIDAE Septifer bilocularis (Linnaeus, 1758) Valid Name Septifer bilocularis (Linnaeus, 1758) Introduction 177
MOLLUSCA MYTILIDAE Xenostrobus pulex (Lamarck, 1819) Valid Name Xenostrobus pulex (Lamarck, 1819) Introduction 177

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