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de Prins, W.O. & de Prins, J. 2005. Gracillariidae (Lepidoptera). World Catalogue Of Insects Stenstrup, Denmark : Apollo Books Vol. 6 502 pp.

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Acrocercops argyrodesma (Meyrick, 1882) Valid Name Acrocercops argyrodesma (Meyrick, 1882) Introduction
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Acrocercops ennychodes Meyrick, 1921 Valid Name Acrocercops ennychodes Meyrick, 1921 Introduction 33-34
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Acrocercops grammatacma Meyrick, 1921 Valid Name Acrocercops grammatacma Meyrick, 1921 Introduction 37
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Acrocercops tomia Bradley, 1956 Valid Name Acrocercops tomia Bradley, 1956 Introduction 61-62
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Caloptilia (Timodora) panchrista (Turner, 1913) Valid Name Caloptilia (Timodora) panchrista (Turner, 1913) Introduction 113
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Cuphodes Meyrick, 1897 Valid Name Cuphodes Meyrick, 1897 Introduction 246
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Epicephala Meyrick, 1880 Valid Name Epicephala Meyrick, 1880 Introduction 177
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Eurytyla Meyrick, 1893 Valid Name Eurytyla Meyrick, 1893 Introduction
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Gracilaria rosea Turner, 1894 synonym Macarostola ida (Meyrick, 1880) Secondary source 200
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Parectopa toxomacha (Meyrick, 1882) Valid Name Parectopa toxomacha (Meyrick, 1882) Introduction 223
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Phyllonorycter lalagella (Newman, 1856) Valid Name Phyllonorycter lalagella (Newman, 1856) Introduction 310-311
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Unplaced confectella Walker, 1864 Valid Name Unplaced confectella Walker, 1864 Introduction 387
ARTHROPODA GRACILLARIIDAE Unplaced delicatulella Walker, 1864 Valid Name Unplaced delicatulella Walker, 1864 Introduction 387

Showing references 1 to 14 on page 1 of 1.