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Mathews, G.M. 1917. The Birds of Australia. London : Witherby & Co. Vol. 6 pts 1-6 xix 516 pp. pls 275-324. [Date published June 1917: publication dated as 1916–1917]

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA Carbo ater Lesson, 1831 Species Excluded Misidentifications AVES
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Alisterus scapularis scapularis (Lichtenstein, 1816) Valid Name Alisterus scapularis scapularis (Lichtenstein, 1816) Introduction
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Melopsittacus undulatus (Shaw, 1805) Valid Name Melopsittacus undulatus (Shaw, 1805) Introduction
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Neophema (Neonanodes) chrysostoma (Kuhl, 1820) Valid Name Neophema (Neonanodes) chrysostoma (Kuhl, 1820) Introduction
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Neophema (Neophema) splendida (Gould, 1841) Valid Name Neophema (Neophema) splendida (Gould, 1841) Introduction
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Neopsephotus bourkii (Gould, 1841) Valid Name Neopsephotus bourkii (Gould, 1841) Introduction
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Platycercus stanleyii Vigors, 1830 synonym Platycercus (Violania) icterotis icterotis (Temminck & Kuhl, 1820) Type Data
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Polytelis swainsonii (Desmarest, 1826) Valid Name Polytelis swainsonii (Desmarest, 1826) Introduction
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Psephotus (Psephotellus) dissimilis Collett, 1898 Valid Name Psephotus (Psephotellus) dissimilis Collett, 1898 Introduction
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Psittacus purpureus Dietrichsen, 1832 synonym Parvipsitta porphyrocephala (Dietrichsen, 1837) Type Data
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Psittacus venustus Kuhl, 1820 synonym Platycercus (Violania) venustus venustus (Kuhl, 1820) Type Data 350
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Psitteuteles versicolor (Lear, 1831) Valid Name Psitteuteles versicolor (Lear, 1831) Introduction
CHORDATA PSITTACIDAE Purpureicephalus spurius (Kuhl, 1820) Valid Name Purpureicephalus spurius (Kuhl, 1820) Introduction

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