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Gon, O. & Randall, J.E. 2003. Revision of the Indo-Pacific cardinalfish genus Archamia (Perciformes: Apogonidae), with description of a new species. Indo-Pacific Fishes 35: 1-49

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA APOGONIDAE Apogon bleekeri Günther, 1859 synonym Archamia bleekeri (Günther, 1859) Type Data 20
CHORDATA APOGONIDAE Apogon zosterophorus Bleeker, 1856 synonym Taeniamia zosterophora (Bleeker, 1856) Type Data 37
CHORDATA APOGONIDAE Archamia Gill, 1863 Valid Name Archamia Gill, 1863 Introduction
CHORDATA APOGONIDAE Archamia biguttata Lachner, 1951 [misidentification, in part] Miscellaneous Literature Name Taeniamia melasma (Lachner & Taylor, 1960)
CHORDATA APOGONIDAE Archamia bleekeri (Günther, 1859) Generic Combination Archamia bleekeri (Günther, 1859) 19-21
CHORDATA APOGONIDAE Taeniamia melasma (Lachner & Taylor, 1960) Valid Name Taeniamia melasma (Lachner & Taylor, 1960) Introduction 13

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