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Russell, B.C. 1985. Revision of the Indo-Pacific labrid fish genus Suezichthys, with descriptions of four new species. Indo-Pacific Fishes 2: 1-21 figs 1-7 pls 1-3

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA LABRIDAE Labrinae Valid Name Labrinae Introduction
CHORDATA LABRIDAE Suezichthys Smith, 1958 Valid Name Suezichthys Smith, 1958 Introduction
CHORDATA LABRIDAE Suezichthys arquatus Russell, 1985 synonym Suezichthys arquatus Russell, 1985 Primary 15, pl. 3A, figs 1-2, 6c, 7b
CHORDATA LABRIDAE Suezichthys aylingi Russell, 1985 synonym Suezichthys aylingi Russell, 1985 Primary 5, pl. 1(A, B), fig. 2
CHORDATA LABRIDAE Suezichthys cyanolaemus Russell, 1985 synonym Suezichthys cyanolaemus Russell, 1985 Primary 13, pl. 2(C, D), figs 2, 7a
CHORDATA LABRIDAE Suezichthys devisi (Whitley, 1941) Valid Name Suezichthys devisi (Whitley, 1941) Introduction
CHORDATA LABRIDAE Suezichthys gracilis (Steindachner & Döderlein, 1887) [a misidentification, Guntheria devisi treated as a synonym of Suezichthys gracilis (see Introduction)] Miscellaneous Literature Name Suezichthys devisi (Whitley, 1941) 8
CHORDATA LABRIDAE Suezichthys notatus (Kamohara, 1958) Valid Name Suezichthys notatus (Kamohara, 1958) Introduction
CHORDATA LABRIDAE Suezichthys soelae Russell, 1985 synonym Suezichthys soelae Russell, 1985 Primary 9, pl. 2(A, B), fig. 2

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