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[After Edwards 1996: 50]
The yponomeutoid families have been subjected to much discussion in recent years and authors are far from a consensus on the composition of the Yponomeutidae and the status of some of the groups variously considered subfamilies of the Yponomeutidae or as separate families. The familiy as constituted here is based on work by Kyrki (1983, 1984, 1990) and Minet (1986) and is similar to that adopted for the Australian fauna by Common (1990) and Nielsen & Common (1991).

World species were listed in Lepidopterorum Catalogus by Meyrick (1914b). Australian genera and species were described by Meyrick (1893) as part of what he then called Tineidae and Meyrick (1907) as part of the Plutellidae as well as by Turner (1923d) in the Hyponomeutidae. Other species were described by these authors in scattered publications.

The Australian genera and species placed in the family have never been revised and are currently only tentatively placed together. Further work will undoubtedly change our views on the family in Australia.


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