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<I>Austrocyrta</I> sp., dorsal view

Austrocyrta sp., dorsal view




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The sawfly family Xiphydriidae is poorly represented and rarely collected in Australia with just seven described species in two genera, Austrocyrta Riek (2 sp.) and Rhysacephala Benson (5 spp.). There are, however, a number of undescribed taxa in various collections.

In the Northern Hemisphere xiphydriid larvae are known to develop in the wood of angiosperms, usually in small branches of deciduous trees such as Salicaceae, Betulaceae, Aceraceae, and Ulmaceae (Gauld & Bolton 1996), where they depend on symbiotic fungi in their tunnels.

Very little is known about the biology of Australasian xiphydriids. Rhysacephala warraensis Jennings & Austin from Tasmania has been reared from ‘horizontal’, Anodopetalum biglandulosum (Cunoniaceae), the first confirmed host record for an Australian xiphydriid (Jennings et al. 2009). In New Zealand, the larvae of Moaxiphia deceptus (Smith) bore in twigs of the evergreen shrub Coprosma robusta (Rubiaceae), and the larvae of M. duniana (Gourlay) bore in twigs of the evergreen southern beeches Nothofagus fusca and N. menziesii (Fagacae) (Valentine & Walker 1991).


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