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Subspecies Trapezites luteus leucon Waterhouse, 1938

  • Type data:
     Holotype AM KL10485 (Waterhouse designated a holotype), Milmerran, QLD (designated in original description).
    Paratype(s) AM KL10486 1, Milmerran, QLD; AM KL10483 1, Milmerran, QLD; AM KL10487 1 2, Milmerran, QLD; AM KL10488 1, Milmerran, QLD
    Comment: Peters, J.V. 1971. A Catalogue of the Type Specimens of the Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea (Lepidoptera) in the Australian Museum. Greenwich, NSW : Australian Entomological Press 36 pp. [10] (type information).



Atkins (1999) revised the lower taxonomy and distribution of Trapezites luteus (Tepper, 1882) and recognised three subspecies. The nominate subspecies Trapezites luteus luteus (Tepper, 1882) was considered to have a much more restricted geographical range than previously envisaged, occurring only in the semi-arid woodlands and mallee scrub of South Australia, from the Waikeri district and Lower Murray Valley through the Mt Lofty Ranges and Peterborough to Eyre Peninsula (compare maps in Common & Waterhouse 1981; Braby 2000). Atkins (1999) postulated that the two eastern subspecies, T. luteus glaucus Waterhouse & Lyell, 1914, from Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria and T. luteus leucon Waterhouse, 1938, from Tasmania, may comprise a separate species, T. glaucus, and drew attention to differences in male and female genitalia, wing shape, size, underside ground colour, and wing pattern. See Braby (2010) for further details.




New South Wales, Queensland

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


NSW, Qld: NSW North Coast (NNC), South Eastern Queensland (SEQ)

Ecological Descriptors

Larva: herbivore (associated flora: Lomandra multiflora (R.Br.) Britten [XANTHORRHOEACEAE] Many-flowered Mat Rush; Lomandra filiformis (Thunb.) Britten [XANTHORRHOEACEAE] Wattle Mat-rush; Lomandra confertifolia (F.M.Bailey) Fahn [XANTHORRHOEACEAE]; Lomandra densiflora J.M.Black [XANTHORRHOEACEAE]; Lomandra longifolia Labill. [XANTHORRHOEACEAE]).


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