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Hound Sharks, Houndsharks, Smoothhounds, Topes

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Currently, this marine group of about nine genera and 43 species is recognised from tropical and subtropical regions of the world's oceans (Last & Stevens 1994, 2009). Ten species in six genera are known from Australia and one additional species from Norfolk Island. World species are treated by Compagno et al. (2005).

Many triakids are widespread and occur in several oceans. They range in size as adults from about 1 to at least 2 m.

Previously this family was included with the Carcharhinidae, but Compagno (1984) divided the group into the families Carcharhinidae, Hemigaleidae and Triakidae; he also treated many of the species that are found in Australia. Compagno (1970, 1973) and Compagno & Niem (1998) treated relationships of several genera in the family and Stead (1963) summarised information on the biology of Australian species.

Records of Triakis scyllium from Australia were probably based on misidentifications of another shark species, as T. scyllium is known only from the north-west Pacific.


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