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The order Torpediniformes contains the electric rays. They are characterised by having electric organs in the head region, capable of producing quite high voltage. As noted by Hatooka (2002), classifications of the electric rays vary considerably, with the recognition of one to four families. Bigelow & Schroeder (1953) recognised three families and provided a key to the six genera and 25 recognised species, whereas Compagno (1973), Last & Stevens (1994) and Compagno & Last (1999) recognised four families. Compagno & Heemstra (2007) reviewed the classification and recognised four families, treating the group as a suborder of the Rajiformes. Nelson (2006) recognised two families: Torpedinidae and Narcinidae with the Narcinidae divided into two subfamilies. Three families are recognised here, separating the two subfamilies of Narcinidae into families following Last & Stevens (2009).


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