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The Termitaphididae are a small tropicopolitan family of aradoid bugs, comprising two genera and nine species (Slater 1982; Schuh & Slater 1995). These rare bugs are inquilines in termite nests and have highly specialised morphology. The family is represented in the Australian fauna by one species.

Wasmann (1902) described the first species of termitaphidid, placing it in the Homoptera. Silvestri (1911) first recognised them as a suprageneric group. Myers (1924) established the relationship between termitaphidids and aradids on the basis of the elongate labial stylets. Poinar & Doyen (1992) described a termitaphidid from Chiapas amber.

Termitaradus Myers is the most diverse and broadly distributed genus, being found in the Caribbean, Central America, northern South America, India, Australia and Africa. The genus is represented in Australia by Termitaradus australiensis Mjöberg, which occurs in coastal areas of Queensland and New South Wales. Termitaphis Wasmann, the other termitaphidid genus, is restricted to Colombia.

Little is known of the biology of members of the family. All species have been found in association with termites (Usinger 1942; Schuh & Slater 1995). Myers (1932) described the biology of Termitaradus jamaicensis Myers, which is found in colonies of Heterotermes convexinotatus (Snyder). The Australian species, T. australiensis, is found in the nests of Coptotermes acinaciformis Froggatt (Carver et al. 1991).

China (1931) suggested that the elongate mouthparts are indicative of mycetophagy. Usinger (1942) speculated that termitaphidids feed on fungi associated with termite galleries. The scale-like body is thought to provide protection. These bugs are also thought to be negatively phototropic and strongly thigmotropic (Myers 1932).



Termitaphidids are very small bugs, between 2 to 3 mm in length. The body is ovoid and dorsoventrally flattened, with flattened lateral plates, and is covered with globose setae. Eyes, ocelli and wings are absent. The labium encloses coiled elongate stylets. The antennae are geniculate. Adult metathoracic glands and larval abdominal glands are absent. The legs are reduced and not visible from above. No ovipositor is present. (Usinger 1942; Slater 1982; Carver et al. 1991; Schuh & Slater 1995)


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