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Family TANYDERIDAE Osten Sacken, 1880

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2011 - Kathleen Nugent and Christine Lambkin, Queensland Museum, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

1999 - E.-M.E. Bugledich, CSIRO Entomology, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


The Tanyderidae is a species-poor family, worldwide with some 35–40 extant species in 11 genera. The wing venation is complex with all five branches of the radius reaching the margin, and a strong anal lobe lacking a second anal vein. Tanyderid larvae are elongate, worm-like, with a complete head capsule and terminating in six long filaments and paired posterior or prolegs (the anterior ones are absent).
Of the three genera of Tanyderidae in Australia, Nothoderus, Radinoderus and Eutanyderus, the larva of only the latter is known, living in the outer layers of submerged, rotting logs in alpine streams. From the biology of other taxa from the northern hemisphere, it seems likely that other Australian larvae may be also associated with streams with boulder/cobble beds.


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