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Tanais dulongii


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Family TANAIDIDAE Dana, 1849

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April 2011 - Kelly Merrin

  • TANAIDIDAE Dana, 1849.



The cosmopolitan distribution of the family was mapped by Sieg (1983: fig. 12). There are over 40 species in 19 genera mostly on shelf environments (Gutu & Sieg 1999, Bamber 2005, Edgar 2008). Sieg (1980) treated this family in great detail. He divided the (then) 16 genera into five subfamilies and discussed their phylogentic relationships. A key to genera was presented by Sieg & Winn (1981). In Australia, there is Austrotanais, Langitanaidinae is represented by Langitanais, Pancolinae by Aviatanais, Hexapleomera, Pancoloides Zeuxo and Zeuxoides, Sinelobinae by Sinelobus, and Tanainae by Tanais.

Bamber (2014) corrected the family name to Tanaididae.


Excluded Taxa


TANAIDIDAE: Zeuxo normani (Richardson, 1905) — Edgar, G.J. 2008. Shallow water Tanaidae (Crustacea: Tanaidacea) of Australia. Zootaxa 1836: 1-92 [47] (provided a rediscription of the species to include Australian material); Larsen, K. 2014. New species of the genus Zeuxo (Peracarida, Tanaidacea). Crustaceana 87: 715-754 [725] (refers Australian material to the new name Zuexo edgari Larsen, 2014)



With eyes. Pleon with 3–5 pleonites, but never more than 3 pairs of pleopods. Palp of maxilla 1 typically with more than 2 distal setae. Labium consisting of inner and outer lobe, with or without terminal palp. Maxilliped unfused medially, with coxae. Epignath kidney-shaped. Pereopods ambulatory, without ischium. Dactylus and terminal spine of pereopods 4–6 fused, forming a characteristic claw bearing skin-like spines laterally. Uropods uniramous. Marsupium formed by 1 pair of sack-like oostegites ('ovisacs'). Sexual dimorphism only affecting antenna 1 and cheliped. Mouthparts always present in males.


General References

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