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Suborder SPHAEROMATIDEA Wägele, 1989

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April 2011 - Kelly Merrin


Wägele's (1989) concept of the Sphaeromatidea included Limnoriidae, Hadromastacidae and Keuphyliidae, families treated here in their own suborder. The remaining families, once members of the Flabellifera, are all those not included in the scavenging, parasitic and predatory cymothoidan group. Many species are herbivores or detritivores without specialised mouthparts. The group is united on the well defined structure of the pleonal branchial cavity enclosing the pleopods. This reaches its extreme in the Valvifera where the uropods enclose this space.



Mandibular molar triturative, with teeth and setae; uropodal articulating lateral to margin of pleotelson in longitudinal axis and folding down alongside branchial space, peduncle shorter than rami; pleotelson vaulted, branchial chamber defined by ridges along mesial margin of lateral edge narrow; pleopods 1-2 different from 3-5; ventral coxal plates 1-7 (medial extension of coxa replacing sternite) extending to midpoint (tergite obsolete); penial processes near posterior margin and midpoint of pereonite 7.


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