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  • Aegeriidae.
  • Trochiliidae.



[After Nielsen 1996]
The Australian Sesiidae were revised by Duckworth & Eichlin (1974). The sequence and nomenclature adopted here follow that of Duckworth & Eichlin (1974) with additional synonyms from Heppner & Duckworth (1981). In both these studies the Sesiidae were divided into three subfamilies: Tinthiinae, Paranthreninae and Sesiinae. However, Naumann (1971, 1977), in a well-documented study of the Holarctic Sessidae, has demonstrated that the Parathrene group of genera (as Paranthrenini) is subordinate within the Sesiinae; Albuna H. Edwards belongs to this tribe. Naumann (1971, 1977) subdivided the Holarctic fauna into several tribes and Duckworth & Echlin (1974) assigned all Australian taxa to tribe. Spatenka et al. (1993) provided a comprehensive account of the family-, genus- and species-group names of the Palaearctic fauna and Arita et al. (1994) reviewed the Japanese fauna. Axel Kaillies comprehensively reviewed the Australian and New Guinean fauna in 2020.


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