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Family SCIARIDAE Billberg, 1820

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2017- October - ABRS

2011 - Updated by Judy King and Christine Lambkin, Queensland Museum

1999 - E.-M.E. Bugledich, CSIRO Entomology, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


The Sciaridae are cosmopolitan fungus gnats belonging to the Mycetophiloidea, which are distinguished from other included families by the usual dorsal extension of the eye which meet medially forming an 'eye bridge'. The presence of spurs on the tibia will allow differentiation from lestremiine cecidomyiids. Exceptions to the possession of an eye bridge are found amongst certain soil-dwelling sciarids.

The Sciaridae are cosmopolitan, and are quite speciose although their study is in its infancy in most parts of the world. The Australian fauna is amongst those that are inadequately studied, with only the mushroom pests being at all well-known. In the first of a series of proposed revisions, Mohrig and Krauschke in Mohrig et al. (2017) describe 12 new species from Queensland.

The immature stages of Sciaridae are predominantly found in soil, where the larvae of some species form large aggregations. Larvae feed on fungal hyphae, rotting materials including wood, faeces, bird and mammal nests. One species thrives as an inquiline in termite nests (Austrosciara termitophila). Certain species breed in the medium of potted indoor plants where little harm is caused, except the irritation of having small flies swarming in 'sealed' air conditioned buildings. However certain species of sciarids do cause damage in commercial mushroom cultures, whilst others include pests of greenhouse crops.


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