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31 December 2002 - Mark S. Harvey, Western Australia Museum, Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Schizomids are small, inconspicuous arachnids most closely related to the larger Uropygi (see Shultz 1989, 1990; Weygoldt & Paulus 1979) which are not represented in the Australian fauna. Schizomids were first recorded from Australia by Woodward (1963). He reported a litter-dwelling species from the Brisbane region, later named Apozomus woodwardi by Harvey (1992). Subsequently, Main (1980) reported a cave-dwelling species from Cape Range, Western Australia, and Cokendolpher (1981) reported epigean specimens from the Northern Territory.

Harvey (1988) provided the first description of an Australian schizomid, the troglobitic Schizomus vinei from Cape Range, and later (Harvey 1992) completely revised the known fauna, describing 24 new species and five new genera. Harvey & Humphreys (1995) described a second troglobitic species, Draculoides bramstokeri. Harvey (2000a, 2000b, 2001) added further new genera and new species and Harvey et al. (2008) studied the molecular systematics and morphology of hypogean shizomids, at teh same time, describing a new genus and six new species. Currently the named Australian fauna consists of eight genera and 53 species; . Many species appear to have extremely small distributions, and numerous species are currently known only from the type locality.

Harvey (2003) has provided a complete catalogue to the world fauna of this order.


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