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Family SCATOPSIDAE Newman, 1834

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1999 - E.-M.E. Bugledich, CSIRO Entomology, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


The Scatopsidae are a species-poor, cosmopolitan family of small dark nematocerans with 1 segmented palps, and wings with distinctly darkened and thickened anterior radial veins contrasting with paler posterior veins. Adults are encountered on flowers, and associated with decaying vegetative and animal materials of many kinds. The latter habitats are the preferred breeding site for some of the few species whose biologies are known, including two cosmopolitan species Scatopse notata and Coboldia fuscipes. Larval Scatopsidae are dorsoventrally flattened, with an exerted (non-retractile) head capsule, peripneustic respiratory system with spiracles on protuberances in some taxa.

There are some 250 species worldwide, with a dozen or more species known as fossils, dating from as early as the Upper Cretaceous.


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