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Raillietiella hebitihamata

Raillietiella hebitihamata


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Family Raillietiellidae Sambon, 1922



The definitive hosts of raillietiellids are snakes, lizards and amphibians, with intermediate hosts among the same taxa where known.

The family comprising Cephalobaena Heymons, 1922, Raillietiella Sambon, 1910 and Yelirella Spratt, 2010 has been universally known as Cephalobaenidae Heymons, 1922 (published 27 October) even though the subfamily name Raillietiellinae Sambon, 1922 (published 15 June) predates Heymons’ name. This failure to apply the ICZN rule of precedence was pointed out by Stunkard & Gandal (1968) who have been ignored. ICZN (1999) Article 35.5 does not allow for a family-group name in prevailing usage to be displaced by an older name within the same subjective family if it were recognised as more senior before 1999.

Self (1969) provided a key to two genera, not including the one recently described. Two genera have been recorded in Australia. In addition to the described species of Raillietiella there are potentially others as yet unidentifiable (Riley & Spratt 1987). The introduced Cane Toad Rhinella marinus carries Raillietiella indica Gedoelst, 1921 in Hawaii (Barton & Riley 2004), but published reports are of R. frenata from Australia. As explained under R. hebitihamata both R. indica and R. hebitihamata are potential subjective senior synonyms of R. frenata.


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