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Species Pulvinaria polygonata Cockerell, 1905

Cottony Citrus Scale

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(Tang, F.T., 1991) [226] (female; China); (Williams, D.J. & Watson, G.W., 1990) [148] (female; tropical South Pacific); (Tao, C.C.C., Wong, C.Y. & Chang, Y.C., 1983) [87] (female; Taiwan); (Kawai, S., 1980) [148-150] (female; Japan); (Borchsenius, N.S., 1957) [205] (female; Palaearctic Region); (Green, E.E., 1909) [262] (female; Ceylon)



Good description and illustration of adult female by Tao, C.C.C., Wong, C.Y. & Chang, Y.C. 1983. Monograph of Coccidae of Taiwan, Republic of China (Homoptera: Coccoidea). Journal of Taiwan Museum 36: 57–107, Williams, D.J. & Watson, G.W. 1990. The Scale Insects of the Tropical South Pacific Region. Pt. 3: The soft scales (Coccidae) and other families. London : CAB International Institute of Entomology 267 pp. and by Tang, F.T. 1991. [The Coccidae of China]. Taiyuan, P. R. China : Shanxi United Universities Press.


Life history and control in Taiwan (see Takahashi, R. 1939. Some Aleyrodidae, Aphididae, and Coccidae from Micronesia (Homoptera). Tenthredo. (Acta Entomologica. Takeuchi Entomological Laboratory) 2: 234–272, and in India (see Chatterji, A. & Datta, A.R. 1974. Bionomics and control of mango mealy-scale, Chloropulvinaria (Pulvinaria) polygonata (Cockerell) (Hemiptera: Coccidae). Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 44: 791–795). Ali recorded (as P. cellulosa) five generations per year on Mango in Bihar, India; overwintering in the fifth generation. Smith, D., Beattie, G.A.C. & Broadley, R.H. 1997. Citrus Pests and their Natural Enemies: Integrated Pest Management in Australia. Brisbane, Australia : State of Queensland, Department of Primary Industries, and Horticultural Research and Development Corp. 263 pp. reported 2–3 generations per year in Queensland, Australia.


See colour photograph in Kawai, S. 1980. Scale insects of Japan in colors. Tokyo : National Agricultural Education Association 455 pp. [figs 6.25 a, b).


General References

Yang, P.L. 1982. [General classification of scale insects in China.]. Shanghai : Shanghai Science & Technology 425 pp. [158] (Chloropulvinaria polygonata: incorrect citation of 'Green' as author)


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