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CAVS: 8904

Subspecies Platycercus (Violania) icterotis xanthogenys Salvadori, 1891

  • Platycercus xanthogenys Salvadori, T. 1891. Descriptions of two new species of parrots of the genus Platycercus. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1891: 129-130 [published June] [129] [holotype illustrated on pl. 16 in Salvadori, T. 1891. Catalogue of the Birds in the British Museum. Catalogue of the Psittaci, or Parrots. London : British Museum Vol. 20 xvii 658 pp. XVIII pls (Dec.); type locality restricted arbitrarily to Wongan Hills by Cain, A.J. 1955. A revision of Trichoglossus haematodus and of the Australian platycercine parrots. Ibis 97: 432–479, but logical in so far as the holotype (ex J. Gould coll.) matches the form in that region and could have been taken there by Gould's collector, John Gilbert, in late 1842].
    Type data:
     Holotype BMNH 1881.5.1. 4774 unsexed adult (=) (ex J. Gould coll.), Wongan Hills, WA (as no doubt Australia)
    Comment: for identification of holotype, see Warren, R.L.M. 1966. Type-specimens of Birds in the British Museum (Natural History). Vol. 1 Non-Passerines. London : British Museum ix 320 pp.
    Type locality references:
    Cain, A.J. 1955. A revision of Trichoglossus haematodus and of the Australian platycercine parrots. Ibis 97: 432-479 (cf. Mathews, G.M. 1912. A Reference-List to the Birds of Australia. Novitates Zoologicae 18: 171–455 [publication dated Jan. 1912, published 31 Jan.]; Peters, J.L. 1937. Check-list of Birds of the World. Cambridge : Harvard University Press Vol. 3 xiii 311 pp.).
  • Platycercus icterotis whitlocki Mathews, G.M. 1912. A Reference-List to the Birds of Australia. Novitates Zoologicae 18: 171-455 [Date published 31 Jan 1912] [273] [for identification of holotype, see Greenway, J.C. 1978. Type specimens of birds in the American Museum of Natural History. Pt 2. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 161: 1–306].
    Type data:
     Holotype AMNH 622921 (G.M. Mathews' coll. no. 5158), Lake Dundas, WA.




Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

SW Australia, in band between lower Swan and Arrowsmith Rivers on west coast, east and south-east to between Southern Cross, Fraser Range, Esperance, Stirling Ranges and Kojonup. Intergrades rather abruptly with P. i. icterotis (Temminck & Kuhl, 1820), from Bannister south-east through the Kojonup area to Mt Barker and E King George Sound.

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WA: Avon Wheatbelt (AW), Coolgardie (COO), Central Ranges (CR), Dampierland (DL), Esperance Plains (ESP), Gibson Desert (GD), Geraldton Sandplains (GS), Great Sandy Desert (GSD), Great Victoria Desert (GVD), Hampton (HAM), Jarrah Forest (JF), Little Sandy Desert (LSD), Mallee (MAL), Murchison (MUR), Nullarbor (NUL), Swan Coastal Plain (SWA), Tanami (TAN), Warren (WAR), Yalgoo (YAL)

Original AFD Distribution Data

Australian Region

  • Australia
    • Western Australia: SW coastal, W plateau

Ecological Descriptors

Arboreal, diurnal, florivore, frugivorous, granivore, gregarious, low woodland, nomadic, open forest, resident, terrestrial, volant, woodland.

Extra Ecological Information

Seasonal breeder, sexually dimorphic, in eucalypt woodlands and open forest, feeds principally on seeds arboreally and on ground, often flocks in small groups, flies in shallow undulations bringing wings in to side of body, nests on bed of wood dust/debris in tree hollows, incubation by female, both sexes rear pale grey-downed, yellowish-billed chicks, wanders locally to seasonal food sources.


General References

Long, J.L. 1984. The diets of three species of parrots in the south of Western Australia. Australian Wildlife Research 11: 357-371 [Mathews, G.M. 1925. The Birds of Australia. Supplements 4 & 5. Bibliography of the Birds of Australia Pts 1 & 2. London : H.F. & G. Witherby viii 149 pp. Mathews, G.M. & Iredale, T. 1915. On the ornithology of the Dictionnaire des Sciences Naturelles (Levrault). Austral Avian Records 3: 5–20] (diet)


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