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26 July 2002 - Coccoidea (excl. Diaspididae): W.W.K. Houston, Canberra, Australia (main source: ScaleNet data); Diaspididae: John Donaldson, Dept of Primary Industries, Indooroopily, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Kathy Tsang, ABRS, Canberra, Australia


The Pseudococcidae are known as the true mealy bugs, so called because many species secrete a thin covering of mealy wax over the body surface.

Numerically, the family is one of the largest of the Coccoidea and contains many injurious species world-wide. The described Australian fauna comprises 65 genera and 208 species and includes pest species, e.g. the cosmopolitan Pseudococcus longispinus, (Furness 1976), as well as introduced species.


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