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Family PERISSOMMATIDAE Colless, 1962

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1999 - E.-M.E. Bugledich, CSIRO Entomology, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


The Perissomatidae is a species-poor but biogeographically interesting family of small nematocerans. Adults are distinguished by the unique division of the eyes into ventral and dorsal sections and by the characteristic wing venation. The five extant species are all placed in the genus Perissomma which is found in Chile and south-eastern Australia. However, three species in two further genera are known, based on fossils from the Jurassic of the Northern Hemisphere.

Adult Perissomma are found in winter months in forested areas, including non-native pine plantations. The immature stages of Perrisomma have been found in deliquescent fungi, with pupation occuring within the larval skin.


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