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Family PELODRYADIDAE Günther, 1859

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August 2012 - P. Horner, Queensland (updated)

Novemebr 2022 - ABRS


A large family of frogs found throughout most of the tropical and temperate regions of the world. Usually termed tree frogs because many species possess sticky discs on the tips of their fingers and toes which make them agile climbers. The family contains about 640 species in 40 genera of which 77 species and three genera occur in Australia. Proposals to recognise a regional family, the Pelodryadidae, to accommodate the Australasian forms, have not gained widespread acceptance.

Following from Duellman et al. (2016) and the Australian Herpetological Society we recognise Pelodryadidae for Australian frogs previously placed in the family Hylidae.



Characterised in Australia by: arciferal pectoral girdle; intercalary cartilages usually present; finger and toe discs usually present, though sometimes very poorly developed; sacral diapophyses dilated; maxillary teeth present.


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