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Species Ophiomusa facunda (Koehler, 1922)

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2012 - Tim O'Hara, Museum Victoria, Carlton, Victoria, Australia

  • Type data:
     Lectotype USNM 41360 1 specimen (Albatross stn 5378), Luzon Island, Mompog Passage, Pinamuntangan Point, North Pacific Ocean, 722m [13°17.75'N, 122°22'E].
    Paralectotype(s) USNM E58 1 specimen (Albatross stn 5623), SE of Halmahera Island, Makian Island, Molucca Sea, North Pacific Ocean, 497m [0°16.5'N, 127°30'E]; USNM 41357 1 specimen (Albatross stn 5373), Marinduque Island, 618m [13°40'N, 121°31.2'E]; USNM 41358 1 specimen (Albatross stn 5124), East of Mindoro Island, Maestre De Campo Island, North Pacific Ocean, 514m [12°52'N, 121°48.5'E]; USNM 41359 1 specimen (Albatross stn 5259), Panay Island, Tablas Strait, Caluya Island, North Pacific Ocean, 570m [11°57.5'N, 121°42.25'E]; USNM 41361 2 specimens (Albatross stn 5114), SW of Luzon Island, Balayan Bay, Sombrero Island, North Pacific Ocean, 622m [13°36.183'N, 120°45.433'E]; USNM 41362 1 specimen (Albatross stn 5282), Luzon Island, Verde Island Passage, Calatagan, North Pacific Ocean, 454m [13°53'N, 120°26.75'E]; USNM 41363 1 specimen (Albatross stn 5259), Panay Island, Tablas Strait, Caluya Island, North Pacific Ocean, 570m [11°57.5'N, 121°42.25'E]; USNM 41364 1 specimen (Albatross stn 5538), Between Negros And Siquijor Islands, Mindanao Sea, North Pacific Ocean, 468m [9°8.25'N, 123°23.333'E]; USNM 41365 4 specimens (Albatross stn 5527), Siquijor Island, Lomangcapan Point, Mindanao Sea, North Pacific Ocean, 717m [9°22.5'N, 123°42.667'E]; USNM 41366 1 specimen (Albatross stn 5202), Offshore of Leyte Island, Sogod Bay, North Pacific Ocean, 918m [10°12'N, 125°4.167'E]; USNM 41367 2 specimens (Albatross stn 5123), East of Mindoro Island, Pola Bay, North Pacific Ocean, 536m [13°12.75'N, 121°38.75'E].
  • Type data:
    Status unknown, ZMB (Valdivia stn 245), East Africa, 463-977m [5°27'S, 39°18'E]; ZMB (Valdivia stn 254), East Africa, 977m [0°29'S, 42°47'E].




Queensland, Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

Indian, Indo-Pacific

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Lord Howe Province (14), Northeast Transition (19), Timor Province (2), Cape Province (20), Northwest Transition (3), Northwest Province (4)

Ecological Descriptors

Benthic, continental slope, inshore, marine.


General References

Guille, A. 1981. Echinodermes: Ophiurides. Mémoires de ORSTOM 91: 413-456, 4 figs, 9 pls [451-453, pl. 9(54-55)] (as Ophiomusium facundum)

Liao, Y. & Clark, A.M. 1995. The echinoderms of southern China. Beijing : Science Press 614 pp., 23 pls. [295-296, fig. 166] (as Ophiomusium facundum)


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