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Species Ophiernus adspersus Lyman, 1883

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2012 - Tim O'Hara, Museum Victoria, Carlton, Victoria, Australia

  • Type data:
     Holotype MCZ 385 1 specimen (Blake stn 150), Nevis, West Of, 683m [17°11.364'N, 62°46.002'W].
    Paratype(s) MCZ 386 4 specimens (Blake stn 129), Off Frederickstadt Santa Cruz, 584m [17°42.58'N, 64°54.33'W]; MCZ 839 6 specimens (Blake stn 130), Off Frederickstadt, Santa Cruz, 838m [17°43'N, 64°55.17'W];
    Status unknown, USNM 6492 1 specimen (Blake stn 150), Nevis, West Of, 683m [17°11.364'N, 62°46.002'W]; MCZ 4123 1 specimen (Blake stn 150), Nevis, West Of, 683m [17°11.364'N, 62°46.002'W]; MCZ 389 1 specimen (Blake stn 148), St. Kitts , Basseterre, SW Of, 386m [17°17.2'N, 62°46.72'W]; MCZ 384 1 specimen (Blake stn 161), Off Guadeloupe, 1084m [16°2.25'N, 61°49.25'W]; MCZ (Blake stn 176), Off Dominica, 727m [15°32.3'N, 61°30.92'W]; MCZ 380 3 specimens (Blake stn 185), Off West Central Coast, 609m [15°24.918'N, 61°27.168'W]; MCZ 835 18 specimens (Blake stn 188), Off Dominica, 691m [15°16.25'N, 61°24.67'W]; MCZ (Blake stn 190), Off Dominica, 1008m [15°18.2'N, 61°26.53'W]; MCZ 383 1 specimen (Blake stn 196), Off Martinique, 1915m [14°38.83'N, 61°14.33'W]; MCZ 388 1 specimen (Blake stn 222), Marigot Harbour, 772m [13°58.614'N, 61°4.752'W]; MCZ 838 5 specimens (Blake stn 222), Marigot Harbour, 772m [13°58.614'N, 61°4.752'W]; MCZ 840 3 specimens (Blake stn 226), Off St Vincent, 788m [14°9.83'N, 61°16.33'W]; MCZ 381 1 specimen (Blake stn 230), Off St Vincent, 863m [13°13.33'N, 61°18.75'W]; MCZ 382 2 specimens (Blake stn 239), The Grenadines, 628m [12°46.33'N, 61°25'W]; MCZ 391 3 specimens (Blake stn 258), Off Grenada, 295m [12°3.25'N, 61°46.42'W]; MCZ 836 10 specimens (Blake stn 260), off Grenada, 541m [12°3.5'N, 61°47.17'W]; MCZ (Blake stn 264), Off Grenada, 774m [12°3.25'N, 61°48.5'W]; MCZ 392 1 specimen (Blake stn 288), Off Barbados, 1326m [13°11.42'N, 59°45.58'W]; MCZ 837 3 specimens (Blake stn 291), Off Mid-West Coast, 390m [13°12'N, 59°41'W]; MCZ 387 2 specimens (Blake stn XI), west of Pedra Bank, 1032m [17°30'N, 79°14'W]; MCZ 390 1 specimen (Blake stn VIII), south of Jamaica, 598m [17°45'N, 77°58.67'W].
  • Ophiopyren delatum Koehler, R. 1904. Ophiures de mer profonde. Siboga-Expéditie Report 45(a): 1-176 pls 1-36 [10-11, pl. 3(6-7)].
    Type data:
     Holotype ZMA E2463 1 specimen (Siboga stn 316), Bali Sea, north of Lombok, 538m [7°19.4'S, 116°49.5'E].




Queensland, Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

East Pacific, Indian, Indo-Pacific, North Atlantic, North Pacific, West Atlantic

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Lord Howe Province (14), Northeast Province (18), Timor Province (2), Norfolk Island Province (21), Northwest Transition (3), Northwest Province (4)

Ecological Descriptors

Abyssal plain, benthic, continental slope, marine.


General References

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