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As delimited by Lawrence & Newton (1995), this family is equivalent to the Ommatidae and Tetraphaleridae (excluding Crowsoniella) of Crowson (1976) and the cupedid subfamily Ommatinae, as used by Ponomarenko (1969). There are two extant genera: Omma with four Australian species, and Tetraphalerus Waterhouse, with two species from South America (Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia) (Neboiss 1960; Vulcano & Pereira 1975). Five more fossil genera and several extinct species of Omma and Tetraphalerus are known from the Lower Triassic to the Lower Cretaceous of Siberia, Central Asia and western Europe (Crowson 1962; Ponomarenko 1969).

Little is known of the biology of Ommatidae and Lawrence (1999) in a review of Australian Ommatidae described a putative larva. Species of Omma have been collected not only in heavily forested, mesic areas east of the Great Divide, but also in more arid regions of open woodland and pastureland in western New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia (Neboiss 1960; Lawrence 1999). Species of Tetraphalerus are known from arid parts of South America. From what is known of the biology of other Archostemata (Cupedidae and Micromalthidae), it has been assumed that ommatid larvae feed on dead, fungus-infested wood. It is quite possible that in more arid regions ommatids occur in dead subterranean wood such as tree roots, buried structural timber, rotten cores of living trees or stumps.


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