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Class OLIGOHYMENOPHOREA de Puytorac, Savoie & Roque, 1974

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May 2014 - Checked by Peter O’Donoghue, The University of Queensland.

July 2010 - Data provided by Peter O’Donoghue, entered in AFD by ABRS


Oral apparatus distinct, right paroral membrane plus three left oral membranelles present.


History of changes

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Published As part of group Action Date Action Type Compiler(s)
02-Jul-2014 INTRAMACRONUCLEATA Lynn, 1996 02-Jul-2014 MODIFIED
18-Mar-2014 18-Mar-2014 MOVED
26-Jul-2012 12-Mar-2014 MODIFIED
22-Aug-2011 22-Aug-2011 MOVED
26-Jul-2012 10-Feb-2011 MODIFIED
09-Sep-2010 MODIFIED