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C.C. Lu, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan


The Teuthida order, Oegopsida, is represented by 24 families in Australia waters, including the waters of the Australian Antarctic Territories. A 25th family, Lampadioteuthidae, is included in the checklist for thoroughness, as FERNÁNDEZ-ÁLVAREZ et al. (2022) recently elevated it to family level (below). Families that have yet to be found in Australian waters, that were included in the the study of FERNÁNDEZ-ÁLVAREZ et al., include Batoteuthidae Young & Roper, 1968, Magnapinnidae Vecchione & Young, 1998 and Promachoteuthidae Naef, 1912.

Fernández-Álvarez et al. (2022) revised the systematics of the order based on complete mitogenomes and the nuclear 18S and 28S ribosomal genes. One Australian species, Teuthowenia pellucida (Chun, 1910) (Cranchiidae), from the Indian Ocean, 35.18°S,130.69°E was included in the study. This study reserrects a family, Lampadioteuthidae.



Eyes opened without cornea, in direct contact with sea water. Mantle may be muscular or semigelatinous. Buccal connectives six-, seven- or eight-pointed and connect to ventral arms on either dorsal or ventral border. Funnel locking-cartilage may be simple or complex and modified, or may be fused with mantle. Oviducts both developed. Paired nidamental glands present except in Enoploteuthinae. Accessory nidamental glands absent. Hectocotylisation affects one or both ventral arms, or absent altogether.


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