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C.C. Lu, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan


The order Octopoda includes the inshore, shallow water benthic octopods, the pelagic octopods and the deepwater finned octopods.

The order is divided into two suborders: Cirrata and Incirrata.



Four pairs of arms present; no retractable thread-like filaments. Suckers sessile (rarely stalked) in 1or 2 rows; lacking chitinous rings. Arms commonly connected by web, which may be very deep. Fins either absent or one pair of short, paddle-like fins situated on sides of mantle. Mantle always fused with head in occipital area but generally not fused with funnel. Mantle and funnel cartilages, if present, simple in form of tubercle and pit. Mantle cavity connected with exterior usually by one opening at ventral side of body, rarely by two, one on each side. No external photophores or composite structure; only a few species have simple photophores. Gladius represented by a cartilaginous fin support, reduced to small cartilaginous rods, or absent.


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