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Subclass OCTOCORALLIA Haeckel, 1866

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5 June 2008


Members of the subclass Octocorallia, commonly known as octocorals, are the more primitive of the Anthozoans. They derive their name from the presence of eight pinnate (feathered) tentacles that surround the mouth of the polyp and eight unpaired mesenteries. Octocorals are an extremely diverse group of animals characterised by small secretions of calcium carbonate (spicules or sclerites) within the tissue. Octocorals are solitary or colonial and include the soft corals, fan and whip corals, sea pens and blue and red coral. They contribute indirectly to the reef by the contribution of spicules to the unconsolidated calcareous sediments that over time become incorporated into the overall limestone reef structure.


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